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Paint Parties

Get Mad Skills & Have Fun! 

(go ahead and check out the photos, I'll wait for you below with the information)

Have Fun with Your Friends

Anime Paint Party

The host for this party had the great idea of doing self portrait anime characters. The guests had so much fun with this unique idea! 

Host a Party at Work

Torrey Pine Sunset Paint Party

Hosting a paint party at work is a great way to have fun and build camaraderie.

Celebrate a Special Occasion

Hot Air Balloons over a Flower Field

Paint parties are perfect for celebrating an anniversary or birthday or any special occasion. One of these party-goers got married in a hot air balloon, so this painting was designed in her honor.


Get your group together and have a blast painting the subject of your choosing.

I'll demonstrate each step and give personal attention to each guest. Whether you're a beginner or advanced painter, you'll build skills and learn techniques to create beautiful works of art. 

I supply everything from aprons to brushes, paint and canvas so you can relax and enjoy the process.

Call, text or email today and let's plan a party for your special group!


(See? I told you I'd wait)

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